An Enemy of the People


Directed by Jeff Goldberg

Written / Adaptation by Henrik Ibsen

Starring --  Rashi Mal- Siddhartha Mishra- Kawaljit Anand- Piyush Arun-           Gurfateh Pirzada- Arjun Tanwar -Devi Giannetti- Kaaran Suri.


"An Enemy of the People" by Henrik Ibsen, adapted from the original text and set in modern day Mumbai, tells the story of two brothers, one a scientist concerned with the well-being of the common man and his brother, the ruthless chairman of the BMC. Padam Deshmukh, chief medical officer of the BMC discovers that the city's new revolutionary water filtration system, designed to bring clean water to the residents of Dharavi is actually terribly polluted and will cause great harm to those who drink the water. He raises the alarm with his brother Pranav, head of the BMC and is shocked to learn that his discovery is met with scorn and resistance. What follows is a tale of moral corruption and betrayal at every turn. 

Dates- 3rd, 4th and 5th March 2017

Performances: The Jeff Goldberg Studio and the Cuckoo Club

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