Six Characters in Search of an Author


Directed by- Jeff Goldberg.

Assisted by - Pranav Mehra

Original Text- Luigi Pirandello

Adapted by- Jeff Goldberg

Artistes- Tithi Raj, Shashank Parihar, Ankita Goraya, Tej Sisodia, Rutuja Awaghad,Mustafa Miraei, Apeksha Porwal,Sarthak Pahwa, Anil Mishra, Sandeep Chugh.

Synopsis-  “Life is stranger than fiction...” or say they say. The play Six Characters in Search of an Author explores the hinge between art and reality when a theatre troupe is rudely interrupted by the very characters of the text that they are rehearsing. Luigi Pirandello’s classic work explores the very notion of truth as both the actors and characters confront the emotional arc of what it really means to ‘live’ on stage, even if only for a moment. 

Dates- 5th, 6h and 7th May 2017

Theatre- The Jeff Goldberg Studio.