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Directed by Karan Pandit

Starring: Karan Pandit, Aneesha Shah, Vishal Handa, Mahathi Ramesh

Single’ is a collection of 8 monologues, each of which in some way adheres to the concept or meaning of the word – single. The word is simple and broad, and can have many interpretations. From a Bandra mother concerned about the single-mindedness of devotion to religion for her son;  to a mid-level Nagpada smuggler on a date where everything he’s organised is ‘ek number’, but his girl’s running late and he starts delving into his ambition to be number one (Hindi); to a cocky actor intellectually masturbating about how everything is about me, myself and I; to a Londoner advocating the benefits of lone drinking on a Wednesday afternoon; to a woman recounting how she met ‘the one’ in college in the most simple and inconspicuous way; to a husband, settling the more important accounts of a failed marriage like shared memories, I.P.’s on nicknames with his wife who is leaving him for good; to India, who happens to be a 27 year old player who is enjoying the benefits of singlehood so much that he needs to be spoken to and needs an intervention to grow up into the responsible young man he threatened to be in his younger days. All the pieces are original and written by Karan Pandit, with some inspiration.

Each monologue is a complete story within itself, with a beginning, middle and end. Through the monologues, their different themes, atmospheres, characters etc, we hope to entertain at the very least and socially, culturally and politically commentate.

An actor and a piece of text. Minimalistic. Nothing superfluous, everything brought on is used.

Time- 5pm


Earlier Event: 18 May
Later Event: 25 May