What is Method Acting?

It is living a moment truthfully in character. The craft employs a series of tools and techniques that enable actors to achieve rich believable performances. Method Acting is a journey inwards through which an actor experiences their inner emotional life, allowing them to truthfully live the emotions during their performance. At JGS we educate and guide our actors through this journey of awareness and discovery.

Who formulated this technique of acting?

Konstantin Stanislavski, a seminal Russian Theatre practitioner created Method Acting with his experiments of the craft that he first called "The System." His systematic approach to acting is and remains revolutionary to this day. Prior to the advent of the Method both the Folk and Classical schools of emphasised physical, vocal and language training. Stanislavski re-imagined  the work of actors by encouraging them to work from within, employing their own lives as a primer for performance. The Method recognises the importance of personal and emotional experiences, imagination and subconscious actions for performance.

Why Method Acting?

Rich believable performances create intimacy and depth in any medium. Method Acting offers practitioners the needed tools and techniques to look within oneself to create truthful performances. Each and every person has their own definition of truth, thus Method Acting becomes a journey of finding that truth within oneself.

Why Jeff Goldberg Studio?

At JGS we fully understand that passion is the fabric of dreams, which is why our approach is holistic and organic. We provide participants practical training to realise their potential with effective and all-inclusive techniques. The Studio knows that practice makes perfect, ensuring that a solid foundation of theory is built upon hands-on training. Every course relies upon the contribution of the participants. We wholeheartedly believe that each student’s creative energy is the essential ingredient to his or her success. Our courses aim to harness this force and channel it into a brilliant career. Most importantly, we want to provide our participants with skills that will enable them to work as professional actors, directors and scriptwriters. 


Create your own method. Don’t depend slavishly on mine. Make up something that will work for you! But keep breaking traditions, I beg you.
— Konstantin Stanislavski